Newcastle University has commissioned exciting new, socially-engaged artwork from 9 outstanding regionally based artists and invited the community of the Northeast coastal town of Blyth to focus on its low-carbon energy industry and culture transformation.

Blyth has a very proud industrial heritage that will influence how its people embrace the future. The artworks express how the artists see the Blyth industrial past linking to the transformation and the types of energy used to sustain both life and work.

The art is aimed at prompting people to think and question what is happening. How the community itself sees, feels and communicates this change is vital for shaping the Blyth community’s future and informing the adjustment all coastal communities must make to adapt to climate change.

The Headway Arts community are delighted to be working with Newcastle University on this beautiful and thought provoking exhibition at Headway Arts from the 9th to the 25th of July. Deputy Vice Chancellor of Newcastle University Julie Sanders and the Mayor of Blyth, Margaret Richardson, opened the exhibit at a launch on the 8th of July.


L-R Top: Prof. Anthony Zito, Cllr Martin Robson, Mayor Margaret Richardson, Alison Walton-Robson. L-R Bottom: Cllr Kath Nisbet, Cllr Eileen Cartie, Frances Castle.

ENERGIES consists of two separate exhibits curated by Dr Clifton Evers, Senior Lecturer in Cultural Studies at Newcastle University, and it will also be available to  view online. You can visit the main exhibition at Headway Arts and the satellite exhibition at  RePUBlic Gallery, (just a short walk away from Headway Arts through Blyth town centre.)

Commissioned by the Northeast Coastal Community Resilience Project: Professor Anthony R. Zito (PI, GPS), Dr. Clifton Evers (Exhibit Curator, SACS), Dr. Mark Ireland (SNES) and Dr. Greg Mutch (Engineering).

Artists: The Stars, Headway Arts; Russell Coleman; Michael Cunliffe; James Davoll; Ronan Devlin; Clifton Evers; Robert (Bobzilla) Page; Beth J Ross; Alison Walton- Robson.


Image (left) Artwork by the Stars. Image (right) artwork by Alison Walton-Robson.


Open Friday 9th – Sunday 25th July 2021, 12pm – 5pm in the BigSpace at Headway Arts. Free entry. Booking not required. Social distancing & Covid-safety measures in place. Entrance via blue doors on Waterloo Road.

We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of all our funders which currently includes:

  • Arts Council England
  • Blyth Town Council
  • Community Foundation
  • Edward Gostling Foundation – RW Mann Trust – Shears Foundation
  • Erasmus+
  • Great Northumberland
  • Hadrian Trust – High Sheriff of Northumberland – Rothley Trust
  • Heritage Fund
  • National Lottery Community Fund
  • Northumberland County Council
  • Postcode Community Trust
  • Sir James Knott Trust
  • The 1989 Willan Trust – Wellesley Trust
  • the Coalfields Regeneration Trust