Releasing Potential 2021

Releasing Potential is a project designed to address the lack of confidence and reduced motivation that so often results from disability and economic and social isolation.

It will target adults aged 18 or over who are economically inactive and who have disabilities, specifically
those with learning difficulties, autism and those recovering from long term health conditions.

The participants will try out a range of skills, identify their strengths and then use these skills to create an arts event around their own ideas and interests.



Releasing Potential is funded by ESF.

European Social Fund

We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of all our funders which currently includes:

  • Arts Council England
  • Blyth Town Council
  • Community Foundation
  • Edward Gostling Foundation – RW Mann Trust – Shears Foundation
  • Erasmus+
  • ESF
  • Great Northumberland
  • Hadrian Trust – High Sheriff of Northumberland – Rothley Trust
  • Heritage Fund
  • Northumberland County Council
  • Postcode Community Trust
  • Sir James Knott Trust
  • The 1989 Willan Trust – Wellesley Trust
  • the Coalfields Regeneration Trust