Northumberland Day and Headway Arts AGM

Stotties, Sarnies & Singing Hinnies…and AGM.

Howay to Headway for a taste of our fantastic Northumbrian culture, canny entertainment and our AGM on Thursday 25th May 4-6pm.

Seven Stars will be performing their latest show Forever Young:


Forever Young is a timeless tale for everyone.  A faerie story of forbidden love, loss, family and independence inspired by borders folklore via the likes of Romeo & Juliet, Cathy and Heathcliff.  Set in Northumberland’s deep dark past Jamie and his heard of cheeky wild goats collide with posh lass Lily in Hap’neywoods. Jamie and Lily fall in love and throw their families into chaos.  Join us to find out if the lovers will find a world where they can be themselves. A tragic ghostly love story from Headway Arts’ inclusive theatre company, with masks, puppets, traditional music and wild (really wild) goats.

Northumberland Day celebrations and AGM flyer


Conjunction is an immersive installation which combines soundscape with projections. November 2015 at Headway ArtSpace, Blyth. Book your free tour today.


We are delighted to announce that our Conjunction exhibition will run from Monday 9th November to Thursday 19th November at Headway ArtSpace in Blyth.

Part of our New Worlds project funded by Arts Council England through Grants for the Arts, Conjunction is an immersive installation which combines soundscape from sound artist Jack Burton with projections from Alison Walton-Robson.

The exhibition is a reflection on the creative journey of Learning Disabled artists, who have been exploring and challenging perceptions of their contribution to mainstream art and culture through their involvement in our New Worlds Project.

New Worlds aligned with our Come Together Project, funded by The Big Lottery Reaching Communities, offers Northumberland a comprehensive, high quality artistic programme which champions and supports the full participation of learning disabled artists in the cultural life of their communities.

Alison Walton-Robson, Creative Director at Headway Arts explains: ‘with Conjunction, we are using space as a metaphor and invite the viewer to take time to listen and look beyond their usual horizons, to think about our imagery and question their own expectations. We are creating an intimate space within Headway ArtSpace for this to happen – an interesting platform for learning disabled creatives to be seen, talked about and their voices heard.’

If you would like to see how our co-creative approach works and witness the real sense of ownership, achievement and pride that our learning disabled artists feel about their work, book in to see Conjunction.

Dates and times are as follows:

Monday 9th November – preview for friends and family: 2pm

Tuesday 10th November: 11am  /  2pm  /  4pm

Wednesday 11th November: 11am  /  2pm  /  4pm

Thursday 12th November: 11am  /  2pm  /  4pm

Monday 16th November: 11am  /  2pm  /  4pm

Tuesday 17th November: 11am  /  2pm  /  4pm

Wednesday 18th November: 3pm at our Annual General Meeting

Thursday 19th November: 11am  /  2pm  /  4pm

Free entry. Booking is essential. Email us at or phone us on 01670351962 to book.

Conjunction is supported using public funding by Arts Council England





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