Blythfest is a celebration of Blyth’s art and culture, brought to you by Blyth Culture Network. Over two/ three weeks each year in June-July we showcase the best of Blyth culture with an abundance of events, festivals, exhibitions, shows and workshops.

Blythfest 2024 runs from Friday 14th June to Saturday 6th July.

Download the programme of events or view below.

Blythfest 2024 Events:

Friday 14th June

Saturday 15th June

Sunday 16th June

  • 8PM Open Mic / Buskers at Blyth Constitutional Club

Monday 17th June

  • 5PM – 7.45PM Teen Bar at Silx Teen Bar Youth Project

Tuesday 18th June

Wednesday 19th June

Thursday 20th June

Friday 21st June

Saturday 22nd June

Sunday 23rd June

  • 4.30PM Live Music from Tom O’Donnell at The Lounge, Simpson Street
  • 8PM Open Mic / Buskers at Blyth Constitutional Club

Monday 24th June

Tuesday 25th June

Wednesday 26th June

Thursday 27th June

Friday 28th June

Saturday 29th June

Sunday 30th June

Monday 1st July

  • 5PM – 7.45PM Teen Bar at Silx Teen Bar Youth Project

Tuesday 2nd July

Wednesday 3rd July

Thursday 4th July

Friday 5th July

Saturday 6th July

Sunday 7th July – a little extra event from Rotary Blyth!

Blythfest logo

Blythfest 2023 logo - an art print of a yellow sun and blue waves on a white background. The logo is encircled with a thin black line.

Blyth Culture Network commissioned Star Gaze Free Press to create a fresh new logo for Blythfest 2023.

Star Gaze Free Press is a printmaking collective supported by Headway Arts with funding from the 1989 Willan Trust. Learning disabled creatives use different printmaking techniques to create unique and imaginative designs for printed products, commissions and exhibitions.

The brief was to explore imagery that had not been previously used to depict Blyth. The design created shows one of Blyth’s greatest assets: our beautiful South Beach. The local dolphins leap out of the water in joyful celebration of all the good things about Blyth, symbolic of the rise of our great Blyth community.

The design process was initially explored by the artists as a collagraph. A collagraph is essentially a collage of materials of various textures glued on to a short run printing plate, often card or wood, or as in this case recycled card. This was then inked up and printed in various tones on Headway Arts’ great flatbed hand press. This vibrant version was selected as the one to become the logo.

It was then digitally scanned and refined as it needed to have a high dpi for professional print. The handmade quality was retained.

The text is in Salmela Script font which is a free design from GenesisLab and shows dynamic flow, and a rustic sense chosen for its universal and jaunty appeal. It’s informal but reads clearly. Originally text was to be a dark blue, but thoughtfully changed to black as it was to be used by lots of different organisations and individuals within the Blyth Culture Network for their Blythfest event publicity. A black would be more easily matched to their existing marketing materials. It would also be very clear and accessible for everyone to read, whether large on a banner or small on a business card.

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